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  Slate stone are compact with moderate hardness and lesser homogeneity. The surface texture is fine to medium grained but has excellent shining property. Slate is frequently grey in color especially when seen en masse covering roofs. However, slate occurs in a variety of colors like Zeera, Vijay Gold, Lilac, Silver Grey, Terra Red, Lime Pink, Copper, Sliver Shine, Lime Peacock, Chocolate, Green Rustic, Himachal White, Lime Green, Rustic Black, Deoli Green etc… even from a single locality. Slate is metamorphic rock, like the marble. It is formed from the low-grade metamorphism of the sedimentary rock shale and volcanic ash deposited on sea floors. The rugged look of slate imparts it a distinct appeal. Slate also provides high slip resistance and is long lasting. All these factors make it the ideal stone for a number of applications including home interiors and exteriors, roofing, flooring, fireplaces, wall claddings, landscaping, driveways, patios and pools. Slate can also contain some of the same minerals found in granite, which make some slates iridescent and/or hard.

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