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Landscaping Materials
  Amplify the charm of your abode and your life with green and flawless landscape products such as Cobble Stones, Random / Crazy Paving, Patios etc…
  Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land.
  Different range of sandstones like Fossil Mint, Teak, J.Pink, Agra Red, Rainbow, Jaisalmer, Desert Pink, York / Bundi Multi, Buff, Sunrise, Sunset, Desert Forest, Raveena, Mandla Yellow, Twilight, Dholpur Pink Natural, Dholpur Beige Natural, Chocolate Sandstone, Kandla Grey, Modak, Ita Gold, Panther, Raj Green, Krishnaa, Buff Moss etc…
  As a landscaping and building stone, sandstone is full of character, with warm colors, and can be moderately durable.
  Different range of slates like Zeera, Vijay Gold, Lilac , Silver Grey, Terra Red, Lime Pink, Copper, Sliver Shine, Lime Peacock, Chocolate, Green Rustic, Himachal White, Lime Green, Rustic Black, Deoli Green etc…
  Slate stone are compact with moderate hardness and lesser homogeneity. The surface texture is fine to medium grained but has excellent shining property.
Different range of Llimestones like Black Limestone / Cuddapah Black, Kota Blue, Tandoor Blue, Lime Yellow, Kota Brown etc…
Limestones are hard, impermeable and compact rocks with very low water absorption.
  Different range of marbles like Dark Green Marble, Forest Green Marble, Emerald Green Marble etc…
  Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the alteration of limestone by heat and pressure. Marble has many different sizes of crystals.
  Different range of river pebbles like Black Natural, Chocolate, Sapota, Buff, Dark Green, Himachal White / Snow White, Brown River Pebbles etc…
  Different range of machine pebbles like Crystal White, Smoke White, Yellow Gold, Black, Multi Green, Parot Green, Lemon Yellow, Rose Pink, Brown Sandstone Pebbles, Vizag Blue, Paradiso, Rainbow, Teak, Beige, Red etc…
  Pebbles are smaller stones used in decorating the fountains and pathways in the garden.
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